Shoot Two – Kew

Because my last shoot in a more uncontrolled environment felt unsuccessful, my next shoot will take place in a more “traditional” garden setting. The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew are  a destination that is popular due to its menagerie of greenhouses open year round which feature species of flora and fauna from several different countries and climates. By going to Kew I hope to achieve images with more of a beauty quality as outlined in my project proposal.

The shoot went excellently; the images I have created are very pleasing. The only problems were of course the freezing temperatures of British weather, and the effect this had on my lenses in the glasshouses, my lenses became fogged and misted up with the humid atmosphere. I was able to reduce the misty effect by cleaning the lens every so often with a microfiber cloth, however some of the images are not as clear as they could be, and are in some places a little diffuse. These images are still useable and quite pleasing on the eye. I would like to reshoot at Kew, despite the 800+ images, I took on the day, and that I manually focused throughout to ensure optimum focus, there are still some odd compositions and some depths are not ideal, I feel these images did not reach their potential and I would like to attempt again. In my next shoot I would like to spend more time in the glasshouses, acclimatising to the temperature and to take time out every so often to review the focus of each image, my model cannot exactly complain after all. I feel that in my next shoot I can focus on the subject more effectively as I have seen which images look best from my shoot, just from the contact sheet.

Developmental Images

I struggled to choose images that I thought would be beneficial to the project. I took so many images that I felt I had to include some of the wildlife shots into the edits, I feel they are very aesthetically pleasing but they do not feel as promising as the nature shots, the colours appear muted, I was not expecting this to be as good as bold colour. I feel this means I will not have to focus so heavily on brightness and boldness in colour in future shoots. The most edited image here has been mirrored and flipped in Photoshop to produce a sense of false symmetry that is pleasing to the eye. I feel that these images work well according to my ideas, but again I need to keep checking my focus and compositions especially during a long shoot.