Shoot Three – Kew Revisited

My second time at Kew was very productive, I was able to go on the warmest day of the year so far, the 14-degree weather had caused the spring blooms to blossom and flourish and the light was very good for the images I was taking. I was able to focus more effectively but taking so many images for so long and in a warm and humid atmosphere caused me to become quite fatigued and I became less stringent with my focussing, but all in all the images are very pleasing to the eye. In my next shoot, I would like to further my controlling of the environment by using freshly cut flowers and perhaps using a studio environment to capture images of the details.

Developmental Images

Kew the second time was much more in bloom and I feel my compositions were a lot better and the images look crisper, I really like the images I produced, they work as a group and I feel they would print well. I have experimented with another black and white in this set of images, the fern looks silvery and metallic and I really like the look of it, however I feel that it isn’t right for the project and looks best on it’s own. The quality of my blur and depth (the bokeh) is also very calming to look at and I really feel these images identify with what I wanted to achieve. I feel I am gaining more of a style with this shoot and the subsequent edits.