Shoot One – Northala Fields

Despite the amount of images, I did not think that this shoot went very well, the light was very harsh and created harsh and frankly, ugly shadows. I did not feel very inspired by the park location as due to the weather, very cold, British and rainy, the plants and flowers I had hoped to view and capture, were either dying or hadn’t yet bloomed. Luckily, I was able to use my extreme 65mm macro lens to photograph some interesting lichen and fungi, but I do not feel the images were up to my standards for this project, as I want to focus on ‘beauty’. Next time I will have to go to a different location, as this one did not inspire me, and has de motivated me a little. I enjoyed photographing with my two macro lenses, and will continue using them, hopefully by looking at the images I have now taken I can effectively address compositions that are displeasing during the next shoot.

Developmental Images

I am not happy with the images I took, I feel I struggled to find usable images and my compositions lacked focal points, the three I have edited are by no means my best shots, but they were the least dull. I feel they could be a good start for the project. I feel that the lichen images are not well composed, too much of the frame is filled with blur and is unappealing to the viewer. The cattails are also a little blurry, perhaps due to the wind. The black and white suits them better than the colour that was muted, murky and green; they look grittier now and have a better atmosphere.