Shoot Four – Flowers 1


I purchased a few bunches of chrysanthemums, according to my survey purple was the favourite colour and seen as ‘beautiful’ in floral arrangements. I also got some red carnations as I felt the colours would work well as contrasts on camera.

The shoot went well; I had the idea to use a spray bottle to spray a fine mist of water on the flowers from one of the shots I had seen from  Howard Rice. The droplets had the desired effect, they helped make the picture more interesting, and they increased the abstract quality of the image. The qualities of the petals and buds were also accentuated by the side-on lighting and they stood out vividly against the neutral background. The vibrancy of the colours was very appealing and I found this fun to photograph. I adjusted the lighting to try and create interesting shadows and pinpoints of light on the water droplets. I tried to photograph each flower from every angle and composition, regularly taking a short break to review the images, this felt very therapeutic. In my next shoot, I want to use these same flowers using the same technique, as the flowers will have bloomed more. I want to use more water drops, and change the backgrounds slightly. I also want to experiment with black and white, during the shooting process and in post processing, I feel this would keep me from being distracted by the colours and would let me think about composition and sharpness for the aesthetic quality of the image, also for the viewer.  The use of black and white will also introduce the detailed forms of the petals and of the plant itself. I feel I should use live view more as this allows me to see the play of light and shadow in the final image much better.

I chose not to edit many of these images as I felt I could do much better in terms of composition, I did like the lighting in the images I chose to edit. The boldness of the flowers has escaped from the inky blackness of the backdrop, which I adore, and I like the more muted colours. Following my survey on calming and muted colours, I chose to re-edit the carnation image as I began to see the red and green as too jarring and I much prefer the second outcome.