Shoot Five – Flowers

In my final shoot, I experimented with backgrounds, amount of water droplets and depth. The images produced are very pleasing and I am very happy with them, I feel the images are very similar to the images I have researched and from the look of things in black and white, the images are exciting. I think the only way to improve these abstracts would be to purchase flowers that are more varied. The technical aspect of the shoot really allowed me to explore the potential for my subject and I am delighted to have taken these images.


Developmental Images

Surprisingly. I found these harder to edit than any of the outdoor images, the colours were hard to correct and after look back at my research, the two garden photographers I had looked at tended to mute the colours of the images slightly and I decided it would be best if I tried this and it worked wonderfully. The slightly reduced contrast in the colour images made them more palatable and the monotone image is exactly the opposite, it is very punchy and full of contrast. I really like how the image forces me straight into the fine details and makes me look at the points of light on the water droplets as the variegated petals change from light to dark. However, this image again does not really feel very cohesive with the rest of the project, and I actually prefer the colour images as a calming effort.