Resolution Project Proposal

Subject, methodology and audience

I have previously dabbled in this area but I have never tried to make a serious attempt at a series based entirely on nature and macro photography. I want the images I produce to be visually stunning and breathtaking; I find that looking at similar images is a good way to alleviate some of the symptoms of my anxiety disorder and I feel the images I create will be therapeutic.

I want the images to be colourful and will be using a full frame 35mm DSLR to accomplish this; I will be using two different ‘macro’ lenses in order to capture the weird and wonderful aspects of nature.

I feel that visiting exhibitions, any which focus on the aesthetic nature of the photograph, or those which are based on the notion of beauty [such as Annie Leibovitz’s ‘Women’] will be useful for me In this project. Exhibitions based on competitions such as the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize will also be helpful for me to analyse what makes an image interesting and why someone wants to look at it, which will be questions I will ask of my own work.

This will also inform a survey which I plan to send out via email which I hope to question colour, form, shape and compositions of not just my own work but others as well to find a good balance in my images. As with my dissertation topic which focuses on the shift of truth in photography, it would be interesting to explore what people think my images portray via the/a survey [as while my subject matter is obvious to me, because I was there photographing it, it is likely to be not as obvious to others].

I will be trying to widen my range of research during this project allowing it to inform my work instead of researching a very small aspect of one topic.

I am not sure if the work should be published or exhibited as I am unsure of how much work I will produce, however macro always looks very fascinating when large, and I think that this could add to the ‘breath-taking’ quality I am trying to achieve.


Skills and resources required

I hope to expand my current knowledge on what is considered ‘good to look at’, and also to answer the question is what I am photographing worth photographing. I also want to be able to catalogue the natural items that fascinate me; using texture and shape within my compositions I hopefully should achieve this.

I will need to travel around the area where I live [with camera], looking for lichens, plants, insects and other wildlife which I find aesthetically pleasing.

I will also need to budget going to London in order to see exhibitions [Look at entry prices] but this will be achievable as I can stay in London for free and also shoot while I am there.

I will be trying to take care in my compositions as this will be the most important part of the image, and I will try and be more flexible trying to show different angles in the images I take.

I also want to take my time and relax during this project as often with my anxiety I panic about doing anything to the point where nothing is done and I start avoiding my stressors. I want to enjoy this project which is why I have chosen a subject matter I already enjoy.

Professional Skills

I want to become more comfortable with communicating my ideas, and therefore corresponding with potential employers, I feel I am already very articulate but I just need to get myself out there. I also want to create images that people want to look at, and of course potentially purchase. I hope this project will bolster my confidence in my own work and I am able to see the good in my own work.

Going to exhibitions in London etc. will be very helpful in regards to materials and the end of term showcase as I will be able to compile how and why I found the exhibitions I went to (different promo items etc) as well as looking at various materials which will be on show in gallery spaces.

In the end of term showcase I would be happy to prepare the space and put up my own work as I have already experienced this and I have a good eye for detail especially for such an important event.


Week: Introduction December 2015
1 Research
2 Research
3 Research/Budget Materials
4 Research/Write & Hand in Proposal
5 Shoot
6 Shoot/Finalise Dissertation
7 Mid Review
8 Shoot/London/exhibitions
9 Shoot
10 Review
11 Sketchup Workshop – Shoot
12 Shoot – Plan Easter & Birthday… Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Finalise
13 Final work hand in – L01, L02, L04 – Thursday 7th April
14 Showcase
15 Showcase
16 Showcase
17 Final hand in L03 – Thursday 5th May