Resolution Final Evaluation


Project title:       Serenity

The state or quality of being serene, calm or tranquil

The images of flora in this body of work have been created to give the artist a sense of tranquillity in an otherwise stressful time.

Embodied by soft hues and simplicity in the compositions, this work symbolises the artist’s attempt to portray serenity using nature.

I have taken images of flora and fauna in an outdoor and indoor setting to produce a body of work that portrays my need for a calm atmosphere. I suffer with anxiety and sensory overload and the images of nature I have taken surround me with a bubble of calmness. I am able to think clearer and I can produce good imagery. By focusing on the beauty of the image rather than the buzzing of my emotional state made me think positively about the project as a whole. Since I first began studying photography I have been drawn to nature, wildlife and garden photography. By visiting botanical gardens and then moving to the studio I feel I have created a varied body of work to be proud of.

Evaluate your application of primary and secondary research. How has this research informed and contextualised your project?

I visited several galleries during the project and I found these informative for my final exhibiting plans, the gallery space is a familiar territory and I have enjoyed the process of deciding which image might go where, and what colour I should use and fixings. I was also able to conduct a survey of 30 people which  while a bit nerve-wracking, let me know that I was on the right rack with my images, they held the properties of being calm and beautiful as I intended and the results showed I was on the correct path in this regard. Researching the artists was a little more difficult, I wanted to research new people but I realised I had looked at the most relevant people in previous projects. I felt inspired when looking at the work of artists such as Karl Blossfeldt and felt I had to use these artists who inspired me to look at nature more closely when I first began studying photography. I never thought to look for contemporary artists who did the same things, I naively did not think they existed but using Howard Rice and Clive Nichol’s work to inform my own process was incredibly helpful


Reflect on how you have initiated, evaluated, developed and managed your learning throughout your project.

In regards to the project I feel I managed time well, but I could have used it a little better, I felt very drained during and after completing my dissertation that the project fell to the wayside. I have done a lot in little time, but I am (unusually) proud of the work that I have created. I love the images I have taken and the places I have visited. I am also glad that I stuck to my original proposal as I feel this helped keep me on track in regards to what I was trying to accomplish. I think my work has room to develop but I feel I have done well. Keeping on top of research was more taxing than expected as I felt I needed to keep finding new artists but in truth I already knew about the artist I should have started researching. These artists informed the project way before I even started it, but luckily, I realised this and included them. Taking time away from the project has also helped stop me from stressing out too much, about what was done and not done and this made me able to continue with my work much easier than in previous projects.

Evaluate your final project outcome and how you have chosen to produce this as an installation plan?

I feel that I am most proud of my portfolio, the images within are some of the best I have ever taken and while I know some things could be improved upon, such as the volume of my final images, or the locations of my shoots. The actual quality of my work is very heartening. My installation plan is 9 images 42x42cm each on a light grey wall, this has enabled me to order my images in a way which I think looked pleasing. I feel I have chosen the absolute best images but also those that work as a group. The panel sets the work off nicely as do the square crops. I chose the square crops as I feel it limited the viewer in the frame and allows the viewer time to think and feel the serenity of each image.