Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt
A German Photographer
born 1865-1932

Blossfeldt’s images use a diffuse, but bright lighting source and he used a homemade camera which he made himself to be able to magnify the material he photographed by up to 30 times.
This technique revealed the intricacies of the plants and their structure, using a neutral background and shot only from the front. These images were among the first to exclusively focus on the natural structure of the plant. Blossfeldt’s images are so full of contrast that the stems and leaves of the plants often look silvery, this leads to a metallic feel that gives the viewer a sense of architectural imagery when they look at the photographs, the closeup feel also challenges the viewer’s perception of plant life and  how they see the natural world.

I can use Blossfeldt’s focus on closeups to make sure I can capture the details and patterns of the plants I will photograph. I will also pay more attention to the structure and symmetry in the plant in order to create a more pleasing composition, in this way I can photograph a whole plant, and not just one section as I normally would.