Gallery Visits

As part of this project, I have visited various galleries to determine how I should exhibit my final works. I feel the images I have created are very fine art in style and I chose to visit galleries, which would suit this as a premise.

At the national portrait gallery, I saw the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and the regular gallery exhibits – I saw that white walls worked more effectively for the exhibitions which had several different artists with different styles, the white walls create the illusion of space and clarity and a depth to the work even though it is flat against the wall. Conversely, the black walls and the darker coloured walls need strong framing hung off the wall to really make the images pop, otherwise, the images seemed to sink in to the wall. I also found that I most engaged with the part of the wall that was directly at eye level, and unless I made a conscious decision to look up, I almost ignored the part of the gallery that was above my head. I also noticed I tended to stand at arm’s length to the wall, and so images that were large often escaped me as the scale tended to overwhelm the space I stood in, and while standing further back I found myself distracted by other works and was not so entranced by the larger pieces. I feel that an image size between 8×10 and 16 x 22 inches would work well for my group of images. If possible I would like to explore a panel of images, this would allow my images to group together as one.

Looking at the UCA galleries, I can see that unframed images work incredibly well on a white to grey wall. This creates depth and seamless transitions especially if the work has a slight border. I also noticed how small imperfections in the surfaces of the print and in the paintwork draw the eye, which can affect the overall work, in my own work I hope to avoid any distracting factors and keep my work quite central within my designated space.