The Prestige – A Christopher Nolan Film

The Prestige: Trailer

The Prestige is a 2006 drama film by Christopher Nolan, the movie leads into a scene which is actually chronologically near the end. This inclusion of the scene leads the viewer to judge certain main characters due to the outcomes apparent at the start of the movie. Of course more information is explained throughout the movie and the audience comes to realise not all is as it seems. The movie creates a feeling of suspense almost from the very beginning when the character played by Michael Caine explains the parts of a magic trick. The audiences believes something will happen further on in time but because the beginning of the movie is in fact the end of the story(chronologically), dramatic and tense scenes gather pace from the get-go and this leaves the audience in suspense to explain these events and how they occur by watching the rest of the movie.


The ending scenes of the film (below), which then lead to the events shown at the very beginning (above)

Using such a fragmented order is especially useful in a movie where clones and twins are used, a good narrative device as the viewer becomes unsure who is who and what is where during the movie, only when explained and flashbacks are used to do this, we see the fragmentation of the linear order as part of a larger multi-narrative being told by four or more characters. Using Nolan’s fragmented order as basis for my own experimentation I can choose to change my order drastically and add what may at the beginning seem mundane or insignificant to further enhance the meaning of my piece based on my own anxious mind.

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