Katie Crawford

Crawford’s body of work ‘My Anxious Heart‘ consists of her exploration into her anxiety disorder, she uses black to demonstrate her triggers and shows her battle to overcome her anxiety

An excerpt from her website about the work:

My Anxious Heart explores and identifies how emotionally and physically depleting general anxiety disorder can be from a personal perspective. As I have carried anxiety for the majority of my life, I’ve chosen to photographically depict this battle and its constant presence. Since it is within my own mind where anxiety is born, I have decided to interpret my roles as both instigator and victim through self portraiture.
Through this body of work, I am visually interpreting my own emotional and physical journey so that others may be able to understand this weight that so many bear in our society. The physical ramifications of the disorder, such as a racing heart, dizziness, shortness of breath and lightheadedness, frequently go unnoticed or are misinterpreted by those who have never suffered from anxiety. Although the physical symptoms make up a great deal of the disorder, the emotional outcome is exceedingly difficult to encapsulate as well. Anxiety bars the sufferer from the risk of discovery, the desire to explore new ideas, and the possibility of exiting a comfort zone. It makes sure that it will never be alone. It finds you when you’re in the midst of joy, or alone in your own mind. It is quiet and steady, reminding you of your past failures, and fabricating your future outcomes.”

The following are some of the images that I found particularly inspirational:

These images provide an emotional backstory by use of text to go alongside the tableau of the images, Crawford’s captions and titles provoke the reader into thinking about their own lives and how the photographer could cope with these emotions on a daily basis. For myself I think the use of text removes my own resonance with the images as two of the images shown, Overwhelmed and Consumed, I find these images resonate with my anxiety around water and feeling the texture of liquids, in fact the idea of feeling water around my ears makes me feel physically sick. Conversely Katie Crawford’s images are more figurative and represent her feelings of overwhelming panic when faced with a question or decision or even the actual feeling of panic and how her body reacts to it ‘you can’t touch the bottom and your heart skips a beat’

In my own work I feel that I would like to use text to clarify my narrative as it is likely to be unclear without my own response to why I have created the images.

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