Project Proposal [Narrative]

What is your chosen theme or topic you are applying narrative strategy to? Why have you chosen to work with this topic or theme? Why is it important to you?

My chosen theme is anxiety, this topic is especially relevant to myself as I am a very naturally anxious person, and I often let the nervousness and panic control the way I behave, this creates a feeling of dread related to whatever my brain associates with the environment or situation leading to an avoidance of any particular situation. I would like to explore the different ways I feel anxious, in order to recognize the feelings and try and prevent myself from feeling this way.

What artist research have you critically analysed, what narrative strategies has this work used? Why has this work been inspiring?

My main inspiration comes from two photographers Katie Crawford (My Anxious Heart) and John William Keedy (It’s Hardly Noticeable) who both suffer from an anxiety disorder, and have chosen to portray their triggers and emotions with a tableau form of narrative, they also use themselves and their own triggers to portray anxiety in their own terms. I would like to do this myself as I feel this portrayal of anxiety would be useful to identify my own triggering behaviour and the ways I can portray this photographically.

What experimentation with narrative strategies and production have you played with so far? (i.e. Flashback, dual narrative, tableau) (i.e. sound, printing, projection, the archive) What have been the results? What have you learnt from this experimentation?

I have been looking into the archive, and have looked through found imagery, as I feel this gives me a basis in which to practice narrative forms, showing fragmented narratives, by changing the order of images to be out of sequence from the original intentions. I will look to using a chronological narrative and dual narrative as I feel these will be most effective for me to create the feelings of a panic attack, however I think a fragmented narrative could in fact be beneficial as it would contribute to a confused and panicked feeling which I would like to convey from the screen based piece especially.

What narrative strategies do you imagine you will use for your screen-based and printed narratives? What technical skills will you employ to construct these alternate narratives? (I.e. use of InDesign, Premier etc.)

I intend to use tableau, dual or multiple narratives as I feel this would be most useful to portray the idea of anxiety, however I could also use a more fragmented narrative as this could portray the ‘cloudiness’ and the sense of uncertainty I feel when experiencing panic attacks and anxiety in my daily life. I am still uncertain about which technique I will use for the screen based, but I lean towards the use of image and text, as I feel this would explain some of the images I could possibly use in my printed narrative. Most likely I will use Adobe Photoshop and a simple movie making app as as I intend to be mainly using still images.

How do you imagine the story will change between the screen-based and printed narrative by adopting a different narrative strategy?

I hope that the use of a screen based narrative will allow me to clarify my work, not just for the viewer but also for myself, I would also like to show a different side of each image, explaining why I have chosen to portray something which could be seen as quite mundane, but to myself it is very meaningful, I hope to get this across in my screen based narrative.

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