Project Evaluation

Subject / Research

How did research support your project? What could be done differently? How well did you record and reflect on your research in your RDB and on your blog?

Research was especially useful in the terms of the screen based piece, I was able to change music and create tension by applying techniques found in the movies I researched, The Prestige and Kill Bill Vol.1, both of these movies use a fragmented narrative, allowing the viewer to conceive their own thoughts about the order which I eventually used in my own screen based piece. Using the work of Katie Crawford I was able to change my idea about my final piece and chose to use text alongside an image that I feel has a great depth of meaning about my anxiety. I feel some more research could have been used to try and improve the chronological screen based piece (1st experiment)


What experimentation did you carry out for both outcomes? What worked well? Could you have done more? How did your story change using a different narrative strategy? What strategies did you use?

I used various strategies, for the screen based piece I focused on using abstract footage to create a fragmented narrative as I felt my first foray into a linear narrative, and subsequently a dual narrative was not dramatic enough and didn’t really compliment the emotions and franticness that I was trying to convey. In my printed narrative I experimented with tableau and text and image to convey my meanings. In the end I chose to use text and image like the work of Katie Crawford with some influences from Sophie Calle’s Take Care of Yourself to produce a ‘letter’ of sorts to the viewer explaining why I chose the image as a representation of my anxiety. I really enjoyed this project, despite the subject as I feel it has given me a sense of renewed positivity that I can in fact reclaim my mind and that by acknowledging my triggers and issues, I can begin to control them instead of letting them control me. I don’t normally choose projects where I can say it is a personal issue, but I think it has worked extremely well.


Your final production screen based and printed What have been the results? What have you learnt? What would you do differently next time?

My screen based could be more polished in the end result, there are some sequences I feel go on slightly too long, or in some cases start too abruptly but these were needed for the feel of the music and overall I think the video flows well in its entirety. In my printed narrative I feel that if I had more time I could re-edit the ‘blood sink’ image as I think that it is a little bit low quality but this would require re-filming the sequence and extracting the frames, I also would like to experiment with cinemagraphs for a smaller screen based piece as I think the slow wobble of the water with the ripples would be quite intriguing and mysterious. I have learnt how easy an effective video is to create, through the use of music, text and moving image as previously (and mistakenly!) thought this would be really hard to portray especially with something as personal as my own anxiety. My positive experience with this subject leads me to want to keep at the project, trying to represent my triggers and anxious behaviour through imagery and screen based production.

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