Fragmented Narrative Experimentation

Following on from my last two experiments, I have decided to fragment the narrative by changing the order and music of the piece, I hope by doing this I will be able to depict the ‘frenzy’ feature of an anxiety attack, where normal things appear to change into wild and scary visuals while the sufferer tries to ‘act natural’. One of my biggest anxiety inducing occasions is when I have to present to a group or speak publicly so this is what I have tried to capture, as this is normally when people realise how strong my anxiety can be as my façade of calmness disappears whenever I have to speak publicly.

This video is VERY effective, I think it really shows the frenzy aspect of a panic attack, and the change in calmness to panic is clearer. The music is perfect as it starts to falter from it’s happy tones to a much more sinister appearance in the video.

I chose this music Bernard Hermann’s Twisted Nerve due to its change in tone from happy to sinister I think it really adds to the emotions involved in anxiety as your heart races when the pitch gets louder.

To further fragment the narrative I want to film some extra pieces of footage, e.g. the sink dripping, I intend to make the image seem more realistic so that the audience/viewer can put themselves into the situation. However I also want to add more abstract footage to the screen based piece, I will do this with the intention of seeming more frantic, as often when I experience a panic attack people who know me know I can become very irrational and I can seem irritated.

I have shot a few minutes of footage (below), some of which I may not use in the final video, hopefully with some adjustments and trimming in the editing app I can make the video appear more choppy and more surreal to add to the fragmented feel of the narrative.

My main inspiration for the use of the audio track ‘twisted nerve’ came from the Quentin Tarantino film: Kill Bill Vol. 1

I used some video editing software to edit some clips and add some music that I feel worked well in my first fragment experiment (top)

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