Final Screen Based Narrative

I don’t think I could be more pleased with this outcome, the footage and the music go so well together!
The more I watch it I see little niggly things that I could improve upon such as the placement of the dripping tap with the fast running one as they could have blended better. I do really like the way the effect on the distortion of the tap affects the suspense which is gratified by what I have come to call the ‘blood sink‘ I really like how this video looks like two days worth of anxiety. This repetitiveness is something which I experience as part of my anxiety as I remember things very well and I am aware of a lot going on around me, something that can exacerbate my nervous nature. The inclusion of the still images was for more plot in the video otherwise the piece seems too abstract and ‘horror movie’ with the music and somewhat random footage.

I used a jug of fizzing water with the suspenseful crescendo of the music to mimic the way I seem to myself, to others I am a nice transparent glass of water, but in my mind I am fizzing away create endless thoughts and countless new things to panic about. This can be allegorised to how many bubbles you can see form, you cannot count them, but they are plentiful. These bubbles also cloud the water, I am unclear and no longer transparent. My brain is fuzzy just like the jug of water became at the end.

The sink of water represents my fear of water, not just open water but also that of it’s texture. I dislike the feeling of water or feeling it around my head as it causes an immediate fear response and I feel very uncomfortable. I wanted to show that while it may look like a nice clean sink of water to you, it looks like it is gruesome and horrible to me. Water is so commonplace that I have to face this fear daily and that is why it features in the video.

Other things in the video show a reluctance to leave my bed, sleep is one of the things that I do not panic about I simply feel nothing and I would be content to stay asleep for days. It is always a battle to get up, and of course this is another daily struggle.

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