Week Three

Initial shoot done! even though I was very ill and I am now wrapped up warm with soup and tea!


I didn’t really like the shoot as much as I thought I would as the hedge around the fencing was quite overgrown and shooting through the fence created a very strange sort of gridded ‘bokeh’ pattern in the sky which I tried to remove as I felt it really detracted from the image. However I feel I will re shoot this location from a different viewpoint as the location was definitely what I pictured in my head when I thought about Urban Flux.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Apparently going out to shoot in 5 degree weather is not beneficial for a cold and I am so ill that I could not attend the first scheduled critique, while I didn’t have many images to show it would have been beneficial to have feedback on whether or not they were fitting for the brief I have created. Next week is the Easter break and my birthday, so optomistically I will be better for that as I am travelling to Prague, Czech Republic and hopefully I can shoot for my FMP while I am there. I’m not really sure what Prague will be like but my initial research into the location is hopeful as it shows that Prague has many older areas and a few very innovative buildings so hopefully I will be able to photographically compare the images.

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