Week Seven

Visited the Sony World Photography Awards this week {at Somerset House}, a really great collection of work and a really interesting framing onto boards so they had no borders, I felt this really drew you into the images.


ContactSheet-007 ContactSheet-008

Whilst in London I shot a few more images as I felt I needed to get the panoramas done while I could.
I think the critique later on this week could be really beneficial as I really need some guidance on how to proceed (if at all) with the panoramas.
While in the beginning I really liked the idea, I can see singular images in a series or perhaps 3 or 6 could really be powerful.

Picture5 Picture6


Critique this week was really helpful, I asked three questions about my work to my peers, and these were:

Do the images I have produced comply with my brief of Urban Flux?
Overall my peers said that the panoramas did not really fit the brief as well as the singular images did, and that I should go back to what I was capturing during the initial shoot in Hayes, and the reason for this is that the panoramas have no real focal point due to the amount of detail displayed in the image, and that your eyes dart around without really fixing on anything in particular, which is definitely not what I was going for in my images.

What do the images make you feel, do the comparisons make sense?
The initial shoot made my peers feel a compassion for the space, as it gave a sense of mystery because it had no definitive time or place due to the muted colours and shallow depth and that I should try to continue this at Dungeness. I was also told that I should try to use more film, or to try a few more double exposures as the group found these very captivating.
Would it be worthwhile reshooting the images for the panoramas (Location suggestions please!) or continue with proposed shoots ( Tarmac Factories & Dungeness Power Station)?
Continue with Dungeness and factories, perhaps re shoot initial shoot as well, use film as well as digital.
How will I address this feedback?
I will be shooting, and I will not be shooting any more panoramas, as this confirmed they were not very interesting to others, and I had already begun to feel that they were not really working.

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