Week Nine

Peer Critique:

In my prior critique I asked three questions of my peers to receive concise feedback.

1)Do the images I have produced comply with my brief of Urban Flux

2)What do the images make you feel, do the comparisons make sense

3)Would it be worthwhile reshooting the images for the panoramas (location suggestions please!) or continue with proposed shoots [Dungeness & Tarmac Factories]

I have completed the Dungeness and Tarmac Factory shoot as well as using this time to reshoot my initial shoot, and I have stopped using panoramas.
I feel I have complied with the feedback I received and I will now ask another three questions about my work to my peer group.

These are:

•Which images do you feel are strongest?
I was told that my double exposure work was actually stronger than some of the single images, and that in the show it might look strange if I displayed them together, so perhaps I could either do another shoot using double exposure or perhaps edit some images together.
•Should I edit any of the images differently, if so, how?
As I was still undecided between a colour version or a black and white I showed both types and asked for everyone’s opinion, for most of these the option was for black and white as it gave a timeless quality which was easier to determine
•Do the images I have produced still comply with my brief of Urban Flux?
Yes, more so than the panoramas, however I would have to choose between single images in black and white or the more interesting double exposures, which could involve another shoot or some intensive editing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have created a set on flickr where I will show my final images.
FMP on Flickr
I have found this particularly helpful as people who are not involved in my project and have a totally outside view have relayed that the images have an urban feel, and show change.

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