Week Six

To Do List!
Prepare for critique! [Thursday 2nd May]
Research more locations
Research framing and mounting options {begin thinking about print size for final piece} (IKEA!!)
Produce developmental images from Prague
Include panoramas/explain the difference between london & prague
Go to Landmarks exhibition and Sony World Photography at Somerset House & Ansel Adams at Greenwich*
Tarmac factories – Perivale/Hayes/Slough?
Research trip to Dungeness & the Power Station – MAY 6TH [Bank Holiday]
*Greenwich Park comparison to Petrin Hill + rec


On my way to college in the morning I pass a large tarmac factory which really stands out, I have always wanted to photograph it as I feel it does fit in quite well with the project, however I feel I will have to wait till it gets warmer/and a bit brighter in the mornings to actually shoot it. Unfortunately like all interesting buildings it has a huge fence surrounding it and a big security presence so shooting there might be a bit of an issue. I may just have to be really secretive with my camera!
The following image is from google streetview


Revisited the Ansel Adams exhibition, went round from the other side this time…it was a lot busier than it was a few months ago, I found myself paying more attention to the mounts and framing than I did last time. I think that is because I have all these framing possibilities and options in my head!

As before the exhibition left me in awe, the images are so crisp and clean with perfect tones. I have a hard time getting this right in camera let alone in the darkroom on 5×7 paper nevermind the huge sizes that Adams printed at!


I shot some images at Greenwich today, luckily Greenwich park is on a slope so I was able to get quite a good view of London!


Unfortunately I am not sure if the panoramas are staying true to the point of my theme [urban flux]. I am planning to shoot more singular images as I feel these made me contemplate the title of my FMP, whereas the panoramas while pretty, they do not really show the gritty ‘underbelly’ that I wanted them to show.

I am planning to visit Dungeness over the bank holiday (May 6th), as this place is a very desolate and perhaps I can also show the abandonment aspect that I wanted to show in my Statement of Intent.

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