Wednesday Thursday Homework
Week One Research ideas, locations, and begin draft of SOI Finish SOI organize test shoot against final idea  Shoot
Week Two Update sketchbook and journal with notes made during shoot Organise an initial shoot, get used to using ND filter o the move  Shoot with digital/Shoot using film
Week Three  Develop film & research further locations  Locate areas where I can compare industrial areas to one another  Shoot, further artist research
Week Four  Travel to prague, enjoy birthday!, SHOOT SHOOT using film SHOOT
Week Six  Process film, create contact sheet  Update Blog  Shoot
Week Seven Collect final developmental imagery  Shoot in Greenwich, visit exhibitions  Shoot
Week Eight  EDIT, locate & purchase frames  Peer Critique  Dungeness Shoot
Week Nine  Factories shoot Factories shoot  Reshoot if necessary
Week Ten Reshoot if necessary


Begin to finalise book design

 finalise book design  Begin to finalise image choice for show
Week Eleven  Get Printing!  Go over finals  Finish Printing, Finish FMP Research Paper
Week Twelve  HAND IN

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