Statement Of Intent

The world is in a constant state of flux, buildings are torn down and rebuilt, roads are repaved and the skylines in cities are always changing. In twenty years the areas that you know well will have changed and will look totally different. My intention is to stop time and I will aim to display how temporary the world around us is as well as what happens to the world when we as individuals abandon certain places. I will attempt to capture a continuously shifting world in stasis on a large scale to show how people can be too busy to notice certain aspects of their surroundings. Are people too busy or do they instigate this change by not reacting to this state of flux?

I have been influenced to create this project by Ansel Adams who used his photography to conserve areas by showing their beauty to a large audience. I have also been inspired by Rut Blees Luxemburg who uses the artificial light of cities at night to show the beauty of large urban structures at night, I find that her work is especially inspiring as she uses long exposures to create almost surreal images of urban landscapes that do not include people and therefore look empty but have the trace of people. I will also be studying deadpan photographers such as Andreas Gursky who used the deadpan style and post processing to show the repetitiveness of both nature and man-made structure which I plan to use in my own images.

I will be using a combination of film and digital to create my images, using digital and a Neutral Density filter to produce long exposures to give my images an eerie state of stillness. I will also use black and white 35mm and 120 films to capture texture devoid of colour, as I find that colour can often distract from the details in an image. I could then experiment with techniques such as toning, in particular selenium toning to further bring out the rough textures I hope to capture, as well as preserving these prints for display. I also wish to produce a photo book with my digital images as I believe this will give my images a better impact as I will be able to include text to describe my images. I wish to produce large prints to accurately depict the details that I wish to capture.

I will be attending regular group critiques to ask my peers for their opinions on my work. I will constantly evaluate developmental images to make sure I am answering the theme I have created. I will also be uploading images to flickr throughout the project so that I can gain critical opinions from people who are not involved in this project.

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