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I’ve taken the plunge and started freelancing, if you are in need of either a proofreader or retoucher, contact me!


Developmental Images – Second Shoot

These are the images I chose to explore from my second shoot.

I chose these images as they present a more definitive decisive moment, I chose to look for people who stood out against people around them, however I prefer images which show the everyday such as the image of the man gazing into the distance while people around him photograph what he is possibly looking at, I would like to create images similar to this to fulfill the brief.

Developmental Images – In Depth

Unedited Image
Edited Image

I converted this image to black and white as I found the colours distracted from the expressions that both women have on their faces, I really like the confrontational way I captured these women as I usually ‘snipe’ with my long lens and generally get people from behind. These women are not friends or acquaintances, they are connected only by their expression of apparent disgust. This makes the viewer question what their disgust is directed at, is it the photographer or something behind them. I used the Brightness/Contrast tool in Adobe Photoshop to add more contrast in the image after I converted it to black and white and the High Pass tool on a duplicated layer to add sharpness without increasing noise in the image.

Developmental Images – First Shoot

These are the images I chose to explore from my first shoot.

The main reason I chose these images is because they all contain a person that stands out, and is unaware of the camera. In  Adobe Photoshop I used the Levels, Curves and Shadows/ Highlight tools as I felt my images were quite dull and flat as the weather was very cloudy and in some places raining with very little light.