Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Philip-Lorca diCorcia is an American photographer, his work is a compilation of snapshots and exaggerated staged compositions. From 1980 onwards he began installing lights in pavements in various settings which would then illuminate subjects. The end result was the 2000 series ‘Heads’ which showcased 17 portraits of people who were unaware of the camera or the fact they were being photographed.  diCorcia used a long lens and a strobe light mounted on a scaffold in Times Square and the light was triggered from afar creating very cinematic images as they isolate a single person from the crowd.

Head #02 – Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s work inspires me to capture the everyday and spying on people going about their daily lives without their reaction to the camera. ‘Heads’ includes many subjects with a blank expression and a far off gaze something which previously drew my eye in my other decisive moment shoots.

Decisive Moment – Third Shoot

Shoot Information: Brief: Decisive Moment, ISO 100/400, DIGITAL SLR, Weather: Strong Sunlight/Cloudy, Location: Stratford, St Pauls/Millenium Bridge

Shoot Evaluation: I am very happy with this shoot after researching Phillip Lorca DiCorcia &Duane Michals I realised that my images could be decisive without capturing a momentus occasion. With inspiration from Phillip Lorca DiCorcia’s series ‘Heads’ I shot with the intention of my subjects being unaware of the camera, using the tourist heavy areas of Stratford and St Pauls. I feel I acheived this quite well. However if I were to reshoot I would have made better use of my camera’s aperture settings as most of the time I was stopped down to f.16 due to the strong sunlight which made the sky the correct exposure, but underexposed my subjects which means I will have to rectify this in post production

Developmental Images – Second Shoot

These are the images I chose to explore from my second shoot.

I chose these images as they present a more definitive decisive moment, I chose to look for people who stood out against people around them, however I prefer images which show the everyday such as the image of the man gazing into the distance while people around him photograph what he is possibly looking at, I would like to create images similar to this to fulfill the brief.